On the human perspective might look different, but on the universal perspective Giving and Receiving are the same. In the end you are only giving to your Self because there is no other.

In this idea, giving shouldn't come from the persona anymore, giving should be selfless. Practicing unconditional giving with an open heart, can only turn into receiving in ways that are beyond our expectations.

Personally, I am learning how to give and receive more because I had a complicated dynamic between these two, that made me experience lack and rock bottom, as well as abundance and resourcefulness at times.

I am practicing gratitude and unconditional giving progressively as much as it feels comfortable. As much as I do that, I notice how receiving comes back like a boomerang, in ways and forms that are beyond logic. Energy, wisdom, time, resources, visions and so on, all are gifts for being at service to the expansion of the universe.

May we all remind ourselves often of this and give and receive effortlessly.
Much love!