To be honest, it is painful as fuck, before it becames clear.

The moments of purging, the days of shedding and rewiring, the years spent unlearning and relearning, the months of integration and embodiment... All dependent on what one asks for, on why one choses to be here.
Sometimes it still is challenging, especially when you are facing the unknown daily, knowing that there's no other way to grow, no matter how much you like the comfort zone.
To calibrate to a better version of you, to follow what excites you, to align with your mission, to your potential, it is fucking challenging for sure.
But guess what? You begin to love it, you begin to find comfort in discomfort, certainty in uncertainty, order in chaos, realizing that no matter how much you want to escape it, to hide from it... This is actually the human journey!
If someone says it is easy, question that always...
Because the journey of a leader, of a human, can never be easy, it is filled with polarized experiences, with contrasts in order to compare, to grow and outgrow, especially in these times of change, where both sides of the story have to be understood and integrated, no matter how much we like the perfection of non-duality.
You go through tremendous high-low experiences, you go through challenges so that you can understand every nuance of this reality, of yourself, to the point that nothing in the whole world can shake you from your core anymore.
Yes, it can scratch you, yes it can inflict pain, but at some point suffering truly becomes an option, especially if you understood your mission, if you embrace your journey and love it, carrying passionately the gift of life into your heart.
From that point on is when clarity arises, when you start being a leader, a teacher, a servant of yourself and the others. A servant not of your mind, but of Source, of universal expansion.
You look back, aware of the wisdom that you have attained, yet humbled and prepared for the unknown in front of you, for the eternal lessons that the expansion has to offer.
Then in an instant, you finally realize it, you feel it in every cell of your body, that the one you were trying to make sense of the entire time, is the same with the One who is always looking.
You finally feel at home, resting in your readiness, in your sharp awareness and alignment with your essence, ready for yourself, for your mission, for what you came here for.