What is an "Ascension Session"?

It's a 1 on 1 in-depth and intuitive session where you will have crystal clear clarity on your current evolutionary processes and journey.

Whatever you are ready for, evolutionary speaking, you can receive in this session. Check the video testimonials and the experiences that people have with me below to know if this can be for you!

This is just a one time spontaneous and completely intuitive channeled session. If you want to have more, we can arrange that after the first one.

Here are some experiences that people have in just one session with me: 

  • Clarity on their next evolutionary step.
  • Activation, alignment and embodiment of Source consciousness.
  • Communication and guidance from higher consciousness (spirit guides).
  • Shadow and Ancestral lineage integration and clearing.
  • End of unconscious karmic cycles and patterns.
  • Multidimensional healing and integration all the way to the cellular level.
  • Harmonization and balance of the masculine and feminine archetypal energies.
  • New DNA strings activations and reprograming.
  • Past life timelines remembrance and integration.
  • Starseed lineage gifts activation (cosmic origins remembrance).
  • 4th and 5th dimension consciousness activation and calibration.
  • Extrasensory perceptions activation.
  • Earth mission and Soul’s unique purpose embodiment.

You can also check the video testimonials below and see what people's experiences are in these sessions!

What people say after sessions with me

Sven from Germany - Founder at Mensch sein


Anna from Russia - Former manager Gazprom


Greg from USA - Co-dependency coach


Here's a little bit about me

Ever since I was little I knew that there's a greater meaning behind what we are and what we are capable of as humans.

And when I was 25 I had a profound awakening experience, feeling one with the entire creation, with the intelligence of Source consciousness that flows through every shape and form of life, physical and non-physical. The feeling is almost indescribable in words! 

In time, I went throug deep transformational processes that helped me integrate and maintain and cultivate the connection with Source and understand the multidimensional nature of being human.

I shed layers of old identity and conditioning, I healed my childhood wounds and integrated life lessons, rewiring my mind and expanding my awareness in order to create and experience the life I knew is possible for me and embrace evolution as a constant exciting expansion process which we are all taking part in.

Now I am living my dream life and my greatest joy, which is to activate and guide other humans on their evolutionary journey!