The Ascension Process - FREE training

This training will explain and guide you on your Ascension Process

This FREE training will explain and guide you The Ascension Process both on an individual level - what happens with us humans and on a collective level - what happens with Earth and in our galaxy.

It will also give you powerful information and tools on how to navigate these times and how to rewire your mind and be aligned with your ideal timeline and best version of yourself.

Duration: 40 minutes


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Alex Buta
Alex Buta

When I was 14, I felt for the first time connection with the entire creation, with the intelligence of Source that flows through every shape and form of life, physical and non-physical. The feeling is almost indescribable in words!

In time, I went to deep transformational processes that helped me integrate and maintain and cultivate the connection with Source and understand the multidimensional nature of being human.

I shed layers of old identity and conditioning, I healed my childhood wounds and integrated life lessons, rewiring my mind and expanding my awareness in order to create and experience the life I knew is possible for me and embrace evolution as a constant exciting expansion process which we are all taking part in.

Now I am living my dream life and my greatest joy, which is to activate and support others who find themselves on their evolutionary path!

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